Dr. Dexter Abrigo – Merial Asia

Dr Dexter Abrigo is a graduate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of the Philippines at Los BaÑos, class of 1995. He started his career in poultry immediately after graduation when he joined the poultry division of San Miguel Foods Inc. During his 6 year stay in San Miguel, Dr. Abrigo was involved in the contract growing business, providing management and poultry health care to the different farms under his supervision. After San Miguel, he joined Pilmico Animal Nutrition (then known as Fil-Am Foods), a joint venture with Purina Mills from the US. In his capacity as Poultry Large Farm Manager, Dr. Abrigo was in-charge of developing the poultry feed business and provided technical support to large poultry farms. He was also assigned to develop the distribution network in Mindanao for Pilimico, tasked to increase feed sales to distributors, dealers and backyard swine farmers. In 2005, Dr. Abrigo joined Bayer Animal Health in the Philippines, as a product manager handling poultry. In this role, Dr. Abrigo was involved in the development of marketing strategies for key poultry products namely Baytril, Baycox and Virkon S. During his stint in Bayer, Dr. Abrigo created the 1st ever Avian Flu Summit in Manila, attended by well over 400 delegates from the government, integrators, commercial poultry farm owners and game fowl breeders. It was a huge success as the industry wanted to know more about Avian Influenza, which was just an emerging disease then and the summit created awareness in the industry. In 2007, Dr. Abrigo moved to Indonesia to work for a local broiler integrator, Sierad Produce TBK. In his position as Animal Health Manager, Dr. Abrigo established medication and vaccination programs for the contract growers in Central and East Java, reducing the dependency of these growers to antibiotics and focusing more on biosecurity and management. He was also tasked to lead the marketing department of the feed business of Sierad Produce in Jakarta and at the same time provide technical support to Sierad’s big poultry customers. In 2010, Dr. Abrigo transferred to Singapore to work for a US based feed additive company, Kemin Industries from Iowa. As a product manager, Dr. Abrigo was tasked to design, develop and implement  marketing strategies for the feed mill platform composed of mould inhibitors, antioxidants and carotenoids, promoting these products in the Asia Pacific region. Aside from this platform, Dr. Abrigo also developed and implemented key marketing strategies to promote Kemin’s encapsulated butyric acid, Butipearl, specifically targeting poultry customers in the region.

Dr. Abrigo is currently Marketing Manager for Merial Asia covering China, India and other Asean countries. He currently lives in Singapore with his wife and son